What to Do When You’re Bored & Dating Sucks

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I wish I had a crystal ball to tell me what my future man looked like, but I don’t. I also wish the last guy I dated came with a movie trailer so I could have decided on whether or not I wanted to waste my time based on how things turned out.

Dating in 2019 is not fun for everyone. At my age, it’s even harder. Some think I’m younger than I am because of those wonderful genes my parents passed down. Unfortunately, that opens me up to being in a class of folks that gets hit on by younger men who often still aren’t quite sure how they want to play out the rest of their days. Then there are those times I meet the older guys who make me feel like I’m supposed to grow up and be more stoic. So what’s a girl to do? From time to time we do the dating thing, get bored and then move on to another hobby right?

Honestly, staying focused on your business and self-growth have proven to be two of the most important staples in my life in addition to my growing faith and being a mom to some awesome kids who are about ready to go to college. But ladies if you are still full of life and either an empty nester or close to being an empty nester, you’ll have to learn to build a life of your own without the kids and possibly without a man if you’re still out here enjoying the single swag like me. So what kind of things can you fill your day with if you don’t see yourself knitting for grandkids somewhere(umm no).

  1. Check out meetup.com and find some groups doing things that interest you

You don’t have to be bored! Trust me, I’m far from bored. Yup, I’d love to have a reliable, loving companion but guess what….I’m my own reliable, loving companion right now and I couldn’t be happier! Try it and enjoy life, you only get one.

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Trauma-informed #emotionalintelligence coach, diversity consultant & speaker writing about everything to help you live, love, and prosper in the best way!

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