How My Crock Pot Taught Me to Look Deeper

A few months ago I decided it was time to use my crock pot again. It had been quite a while since I’d cooked a meal in it and with the summer heat I just didn’t want to fire up the stove. To be honest, I was looking at ways to conserve energy and still be a great cook for my kids at the end of a long day. I went to the store to get all of the supplies I’d need for the recipe that looked so delicious online I was salivating over it. Pleased with my purchase, I raced home (well not raced but casually drove the one mile from the store, lol) and began to prep things for the next day’s meal. I got up the following day, pulled out the prepped ingredients and proceeded to get my crock pot so I could drop them in and go. I looked and looked and looked. Then it dawned on me. There was no crock pot!!! I’m thinking “wth” happened to the crock pot? Did it get damaged when my place flooded a few months before? Did I give it away because I hadn’t used it in over a year (ok maybe more)? I literally stood there looking confused and void of any real emotion.

DILEMMA 1: How would I now use the ingredients meant for a slow simmer? Even if I threw something together would it taste the same? What about my idea of having food ready when the kids got home? Eventually, yes I prepared something and yes this is leading to a life lesson!

About a week after my missing with-no-action crock pot issue, I bought another one. Pleased with this updated model I was now armed for a crock pot war on after work meals for my kids. Of course, now all I had to do was use it and so, um, uh, I still haven’t but that’s not the point here. Fast forward a few more weeks and I had my daughter clean out a very messy cabinet. Eureka! What did we find? We found the original crock pot in the back of the cabinet. What the…???

DILEMMA 2: As I sat looking at both crock pots looking thoroughly perplexed, I wondered what the heck I was going to do with two crock pots. Then I had the nerve to try and figure out why on earth I couldn’t remember where I’d put the original one before I thought it was gone and had to buy a new one. I felt stuck between a crock and a hard place!

Isn’t that how life works? You think you have a plan and so you put all the necessary preparations in place. The universe, however, doesn’t always cooperate with YOUR plan so you try to be flexible and change course to roll with the punches. That’s often when you find out what you wanted to do in the beginning would have worked out if you’d just taken the time to look deeper into the situation.

We are constantly in the flux of life. We are moving, grooving, proving and sometimes losing all at the same time. We lose things, lose relationships, lose ideas and lose items but we keep pushing as if to say one crock pot won’t stop my show. The reality is, it can! Sometimes what we had originally is so amazing that it can be copied but it will never work like the original. How many times have you been stuck only to realize later if you thought back on the last time you felt this way and how you got through it, you could have saved yourself time and angst digging deep into who you really are and what you’re really made of. Instead, we look for quick fixes. We look to others to help us out of what we are perfectly capable of getting ourselves out of. We invest in things that aren’t worth the time it took to invest. We buy new and improved models that aren’t improved at all and we and up stuck. We even get wisdom from unwise people because their wisdom seems to support our confirmation bias about our situation.

Today’s message is that YOU ARE ENOUGH! You are the original crock pot. We see the word crock and immediately go to a more negative meaning but that’s not who we are. It’s all in how you look at it. The word can be looked at as C-Rock. “C” the rock that is your foundation. “C” the rock that got you to where you are today. “C” the rock that even when it is crumbling is still made of rock. You are, I am, we are the Crock Pot that matters and no matter what comes at us, we somehow will get through. And sometimes, having two of a thing isn’t so bad after all. It just means more rocks to stand on as you “C” your way through this thing called life.

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Trauma-informed #emotionalintelligence coach, diversity consultant & speaker writing about everything to help you live, love, and prosper in the best way!

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