Did the definition of sex change?

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According to the General Social Survey American’s simply aren’t having as much sex as before. Can that really be true? If you look all over social media it seems sex is everywhere right?

Then again, is it that sex is everywhere or is it the appearance of sex is everywhere instead? Between STIs, busy schedules and so many damaged relationships, it’s no wonder people are reporting fewer sexual encounters. But what exactly are people considering “sex” is the real question? There used to be a time that anything involving the genitalia was considered sex. Nowadays you see everything from the cucumber challenge to more happening on a regular basis. So does that mean that people are technically saying they’re not having sex but in some ways they still are? I’ve heard of beastiality, threesomes and more but this new obsession with cucumbers….sheesh! Is it called frutiality? What about this art of mimicking pleasuring oneself on social media. Is it called pretendiality?

Well, let me back up. Seriously if you haven’t heard about the cucumber foolishness….there are women putting cucumbers in places that you’d not think they should go and even mimicking fellatio with them. There are kids in schools having what we old heads call oral sex and yet they aren’t considering it sex at all. There are people pretending online they are doing things only to turn the cameras off and go to sleep. So even with people NOT really indulging as much as before (supposedly), why are people so obsessed with that three-letter word still in 2019? It all comes down to value in my opinion. For some reason, many have grown to believe that the number of bodies you have (encounters) somehow validates you as a person and gives you value. It is sad but still true in today’s world. One thing for sure is that parents need to wake up and pay attention to what the kids are doing, seeing hearing and repeating. This constant focus on sex in America is old but it still sells and to ensure your kids don’t find their only value in life through how they can appear to have sex or be sexy just for views you’ve gotta pour into them! Yes, we are sexual beings but there is so much more to us than just that and it’s way past time that people know that.

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Trauma-informed #emotionalintelligence coach, diversity consultant & speaker writing about everything to help you live, love, and prosper in the best way!

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