Clubhouse Connects Humanity Not Just People

Aleasa Word
3 min readJan 15, 2021
Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash

In late December of 2020, a friend asked me about joining Clubhouse. I didn’t know much about the Clubhouse app that had been in Beta for a few months but I decided to join anyway. I thought it would be like any other app on social media where we connect with people, try to get some traction, and let people know what we do for a living. Boy oh boy was I wrong!

The Clubhouse experience has been just that…an experience. It’s kind of like the superhighway of podcasts on steroids. Now, I’m not naive to the small percentage of folks who have spoken to the issue of people talking over one another in some rooms. That makes me wonder what kind of rooms they’ve been in because that has not been my experience at all. Instead, I’ve seen businesses launched, actors get auditions, coaches and consultants get contracts, theologians pray the walls down in their rooms, moms gain insight and connections, dads gain support and couples get on the right track for their relationships. There have been master classes of sorts on creating courses, podcasts, how to get certifications, and more. I wonder if this was the vision the original founders had for the app. If it wasn’t they sure got a big surprise and those of us on the app received a huge gift just by its existence.

Every day I find myself making my way to the app to see who is on, what people are talking about, and to even host my own rooms and my newly created club the EQ Life Lab. It’s such a curious space that leaves me wondering how has so much good happened in the short time I’ve been there? In less than a month, I’ve literally seen people’s lives change for the better as people who span the globe continue to connect.

What's the secret sauce? The answer is simple. Clubhouse is helping souls connect, not just people. By speaking on an audio app that lets so many people share at once instead of putting up static posts, tweet, etc, people get to hear who people are. They get to feel the inflection in people’s voices and even follow them around the club if they so desire to see how authentic they are in every room. They get to analyze what is being said to see if it is simply something people are regurgitating or if it is something people really know. They get a chance to connect to the energies people are projecting and positivity has become a contagion.

Aleasa Word

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