Best of Both Worlds: Full Time Employee & Part Time Entrepreneur

Aleasa Word
3 min readAug 6, 2021
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Years ago someone told me if I didn’t believe in my business I would always straddle the fence but real business owners simply decide to take the leap. I remember thinking that person was crazy as hell since I had kids to feed and costs to consider because raising kids comes with lots of checkups, vaccinations and more. As time went on, I’d heard people say “to have a plan B is to not believe in your plan A.” That made me question whether or not I truly believed in my idea for a business of my own. Truth is, I did believe in my passion but what I did not believe in was starving or willfully making decisions that could land me in the streets.

As life would have it, I later learned a valuable lesson. After really pushing forward with my business, momentum was building. I knew it would be about another year or two and I could go out on my own fully. Suddenly, a personal situation came up that changed everything. I had to rely on my primary job as income to provide for my family and was grateful I did not go out on my own. Each day I remember thinking I’d have to put my passion on hold to deal with my life events and being so happy I had a steady income instead of the ebbs and flows that entrepreneurs often face for income. This is not to say I wanted to give up on my goals; but, instead for my own situation it was important to think about what was best for me and my family.

The lesson in all of this is that people will give you advice on how to manage your career, entrepreneurial endeavors and life all the time. YOU are the only one who knows your whole story and what your needs are. Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing one thing, both things or nothing. When considering whether or not you want to quit your job, start a business, close a business or do both you have to think of what makes sense for your own situation. If you need medical benefits and you can not afford to pay them out of your small business or entrepreneurial endeavor, do what you have to do to keep medical benefits. If taking care of your kids, paying for schools, helping with parents etc. are things that you need to prioritize, think of HOW YOU NEED TO HANDLE THIS and not what you see others doing. Truth is many times there are people in your same position who have debated the best course of action for them.

Following the course of action for your is one not to be taken lightly but instead to be celebrated because you have choices. Whether your are working for yourself, working for others or both, do the best you can and live life to its fullest! People will continue to judge no matter what you do. Ultimately it is your life and you get to choose.

Aleasa Word

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