7 Tips to Navigate Post Election Stress Disturbance

  1. Take a social media break! Emotions are running high right now. People will lash out if they don’t know what to do with their feelings. Social media is a easy place to go where people will say things they wouldn’t normally say to someone in person. This behavior aka keyboard courage can get people in trouble with the law, fired, or ruin relationships. Remember people screenshot and share other’s posts regularly. This could ruin your career or business. If you can’t gett off social media for a real reason, limit your time and learn to keep scrolling before you become emotionally attached to what you see in posts.
  2. Fear is running rampant right now. These feelings of fear can hijack our thinking brain. When this happens we become subject to temporarily losing our ability to explore healthy sensible options to deal with our current situations. Take a step back. Ask, who or what am I afraid of? Is this real or am I predicting something that hasn’t happened yet? Think in more realistic real-world terms. Think about what you have the power to control and what you don’t.
  3. Start healthy hobbies to get you through. Write a book, start a new online business, learn a new skill, or start working with someone to help you formulate some healthier goals. Many professional coaches can help in different areas like stress relief, life balance, business goals, and more.
  4. Intentionally choose healthier discussions. You have the right to remove yourself from conversations that aren’t meaningful and valuable around this subject. Excuse yourself politely where you can. If you can’t, just remember that you don’t have to engage in every argument or negativity fest you are invited to.
  5. If things get too bad, don’t be afraid to schedule a few calls or visits with a licensed therapist. They are terrific and can offer creative solutions.
  6. Finally, weigh the value of your relationships. People vote based on the shared values the candidates align with. If there is someone in your professional or personal cirle who for feels hurt, oppressed, or unjustly treated by the policies or behaviors of a candidate, hear them out. It can be hard to hear things that don’t impact you personally but if they matter you owe it to the both of you. Think about how you value the relationship more than you do a candidate you don’t even know personally. Find a common ground, identify topics you agree to stay away from and be open to learning as well as calmly expressing your views to the person you want to maintain your relationship with where appropriate.

Trauma-informed #emotionalintelligence coach, diversity consultant & speaker writing about everything to help you live, love, and prosper in the best way!

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