7 Tips to Navigate Post Election Stress Disturbance

The 2020 Primary Election did not storm through without stress. A lot of people thought once their ballots were cast that the unrest we were all feeling would magically go away in a day or two. This of course is not the case.

A quick perusal through any social media platform will show that people are still arguing over candidates and policies. Many arguments have become so distorted that people are ending up in Twitter jail, suspended from Facebook, reporting and blocking posts as well as leaving various online groups and ending virtual and real-life friendships. Some have decided the best way to deal with it all is to not deal with it and abandon their online accounts temporarily. As we move into the week after the election and the counting continues with impending legal interaction from both sides, getting online to do your daily lead generation and connecting with others can be a bit much.

Knowing that elections bring out the best and worst in humans it is important to remember some things to stay sane and keep your stress levels down.

  1. Unless you are personal friends with the candidates, remember getting too emotionally attached to them can be seriously unhealthy and cloud your view. They don’t know you even though yes, they wanted your vote. Candidates change, policies change and you still have to live your daily life regardless of who is in office.

Since it has been a tough year all the way around, the election has kind of been the icing on the cake. Between the COVID-19 concerns, civil unrest, unemployment, etc a lot of people feel like they are a powder keg waiting to be ignited. Some on the other hand get a charge from being in confrontational situations. The focus has to be YOU!!! Remember to choose what is worthy of your energy and most arguing with others about something that will be fixed once the final tallies are in is not going to bring you peace. Energy is better spent on getting your ducks in order so you can manage how you will navigate the climate in the US despite who the winner is. It’s all about perspective.

Trauma-informed #emotionalintelligence coach, diversity consultant & speaker writing about everything to help you live, love, and prosper in the best way!

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